Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Whether you are a stay at home mom, work at home mom or a mom that works outside of the home, between running the kids to and from activities, making dinner, and doing loads of laundry, few moms have time to pamper themselves. Suddenly, its been six weeks since you?ve shaved your legs, your hair has absolutely no style, and you feel as desirable as a cockroach at the dinner table. There?s just no way you can take time for yourself, especially enough time to make yourself feel sexy and alive again, right? Well, you may not be able to spend a week at the spa, but there are plenty of five minute tricks that can make you look good. After all, sometimes, knowing that you look good is the key to feeling great.

If you haven?t been able to make it to your stylist for a while, chances are your hair is getting long and kind of limp. However, there are hair styles that are sleek and sophisticated and only take a few minutes to do. Try styling your hair so that it is in a French roll or a French braid. You won?t believe how knowing that your hair looks spectacular will make you feel.

So, your hair is done, but you still feel a little blah. Are you wearing a housedress or a set of ratty pajamas? Just because you can dress down doesn?t always mean you should. Instead, look for easy care separates that go with everything. Make sure you pick up a few simple accessories, like a matching bracelet and earrings, too. No matter how hectic your day is, you will feel like you can handle things if you look put together.

Of course, most women agree that there are few experiences that are more romantic and relaxing than soaking in the tub surrounded by scented candles. However, busy moms know that the second they slide into the tub, there are several children pounding frantically on the door because they want mommy to help them and daddy just won?t do. That doesn?t mean you can?t enjoy a hot shower using your favorite scented bath and shower gel, though. After you step out of the shower, use a lotion with the same scent. You?ll smell fantastic for hours, whether you?re sorting laundry or taking a moment to flirt with your man.

Finally, even if you only have five minutes to spare, make sure you squeeze some exercise into the day. Exercising not only tones your body and helps you look great, but it releases endorphins that make you feel great, too.

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