Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Recurrent yeast infections are now a problem for 5% of women worldwide. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you come from, and in fact, it’s current drugs and medicines that are contributing to this ever-growing problem.

Drugs and medicines weaken the body’s ability to fight infections, and they also upset your body’s natural bacterial and chemical balance. This makes your body a perfect breeding ground for the fungus that causes recurrent yeast infections.

Fungal overgrowth is the result of the Candida yeast mutating inside your body. We all have the Candida yeast in us, but in a healthy, infection free person, the yeast is kept under control by the body’s natural defenses. If your defenses have been compromised then the yeast can grow in numbers, and then it will mutate into an aggressive fungus that causes your symptoms.

Antibiotics use is the biggest cause of chronic yeast infections because it weakens your body’s natural defenses. You have a natural bacterial balance in your body, and when this gets upset, things start to happen that will begin to destroy your health. The most common of them is Candida overgrowth.

Antibiotics are prescribed when you have bacteria in your body that needs to be killed off. The problem is, antibiotics also kill your beneficial bacteria, and this is needed to protect you from infection causing organisms such as Candida. When your beneficial bacteria has been killed off then the Candida can do what it wants to do, and that’s breed and mutate.

Because the Candida can now do what it wants the infections you’re trying to treat have become recurrent because you’re only treating the symptoms. The treatment you’re using isn’t treating the root cause of your infection, and this is why it isn’t working.

When you keep using the same treatment on your recurrent yeast infections the treatment you’re using can become part of the problem. When the fungus is continually exposed to the same anti fungal drug it then becomes resistant. This means that the fungus mutates every time you use the same anti fungal drug, and it just mutates into a stronger strain that becomes harder to treat.

When you start treating your chronic yeast infections from the root cause you will successfully treat yourself.

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