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If you would like to know how to cure bacterial vaginosis naturally, you will be pleased to learn that there are a number of simple steps you can take which can get you feeling fresh and on the road to recovery. Certainly, there is evidence to suggest that simple one-off outbreaks will sometimes clear up without much intervention.

If you have bacterial vaginosis, you will have a watery, foul smelling, fishy odor which is gray or white in color and you may also have a burning or itching sensation around the vagina. If your symptoms differ from this, you should get them checked out by a doctor.

Firstly, take a look at your washing habits as many women do not realize that the very actions they are taking could be making the problems worse. Although it is tempting to wash yourself frequently using perfumed products to mask the smell, this is one of the worse things you can do. Over-washing will deplete the vagina of its natural lubricants which can cause an adverse reaction, making BV worse. In addition, using perfumed products can be simply too harsh for this delicate area and can make any irritation even worse. Douching is also another potential problem for the same reason and should be avoided at all costs.

Other good treatments if you are looking to learn how to cure bacterial vaginosis naturally include live yogurt, cider vinegar and tea tree oil. These are all inexpensive and well worth trying.

Live yogurt contains the same type of beneficial bacteria which lives in a healthy vagina. By using a tampon which has been soaked in the yogurt you can “kickstart” the vagina’s production of good bacteria and this can help to cure BV.

Cider vinegar is naturally acidic, yet gentle, and has a similar pH level of the healthy vagina. When you have BV, your pH levels have shifted to alkaline and need to be restored. Adding a couple of cups of cider vinegar to your bath can quickly soothe as it helps get things back to normal.

Tea tree oil is often hailed as a “wonder cure” for all manner of conditions. It has excellent antibacterial properties and yet is safe to use on the body. Simply add around 12 drops to a shallow bath or you could try specially prepared pessaries which are available from health food stores. This will help eliminate any harmful bacteria.

These home treatments can help you learn how to cure bacterial vaginosis naturally providing you do not have an underlying root cause. If you are a regular sufferer and have tried endless rounds of antibiotics, all to no avail, it is worth considering trying a systematic cure which is guaranteed to give you a solution once and for all.

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