Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

If you are a woman who wants to secretly smile inside because you know that group of men are still watching you, then you have to build your muscle a little bit, become lean and get tight body along the way. You need to maximize your muscles and rip the fat off your body.

 There are a lot of myths around women and bodybuilding and they just don’t seem to die. I’d like to share with you an article that sheds light on women and weight training that will pave the path for your wife or girlfriend to adopt the bodybuilding lifestyle with you. That’s right. We’re going to bust the women and weight training myths right now! Who better to do that than a woman who weight trains and understands your wife’s fears regarding women and weights?

 Like most people, when you think of women and weight training you automatically relate that image to the professional female bodybuilder strutting her oiled-up mammoth physique across stage and striking a pose. What’s NOT mentioned is that 99.9 percent of the professional female bodybuilders supplement with steroids to develop superhuman muscles. By the law of nature, women do not produce near the amount of muscle building hormone, testosterone and necessary to build huge swollen, vein-popping muscles. A woman is just not capable of building that type of massive muscle simply by lifting weights. Bottom line: Weight training will NOT make a woman big and overly muscular. Weight training develops muscle tissue. Adding strength training will develop the underlying chest muscle on a woman and can add more shape to her upper body, creating those eye-pleasing and sexy curves. In addition, a good chest training program will add stunning high cleavage for that perfect fit in a dress or bikini. To put it bluntly, the only way for a woman to lose her breast size is if she loses a lot of body fat.

 There is an astronomical amount of women who won’t weight train for fear their muscle will somehow magically turn into fat if they stop weight training. Again, muscle and fat are two completely different tissues responsible for their own functions. Muscle is metabolically active (calorie burning) and fat is metabolically inactive (fat storing).

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