Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Most new mothers feel sad to see that their well-maintained figure has been spoiled after they have given birth to a baby. There is nothing to be worried about since this is a natural process and just a few minutes per day of simple aerobics and/or other exercises will help you to regain back that hourglass figure. However, do not be misled by countless ads that promise to help you regain your old figure by just popping in a few pills per day and working for a few hours at the gym. Did you know that the best way to reduce fat is as simple as trying not to gain any more fat?

This means cutting out on fatty food and indulging in light exercises like walking a bit per day and doing some yoga exercises. Remember, your body is weak at this phase of your life hence you should not overdo the exercises. Do only as much as you feel comfortable with. Feeding your milk to your baby also takes away lots of nutrients; hence it is important to eat foods that are rich in nutrients. Ads abound on the internet and in the other media which promise you a fit figure within a few weeks if you take their special diet and follow their fitness regime.

There is no reason to go in for these fitness promoting pills when all the stuff you require to regain back your health are available in your kitchen. Have you ever tried to think how did your mother manage her figure after you were born? During those days there were no dietary supplements and there were no special exercises. She used to follow a few and simple exercises that helped her to burn away the extra fat that follows childbirth and she used to keep away from fatty foods. If it worked wonders for her, there is n reason why it should not for you. The only difference is that the barrage of useless health promotion ads you are being subjected to did not target your mother.

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