Sneh Nimit EP 10

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Sneh Nimit

Sneh Nimit

ស្នេហ៍និម្មិត, รักนิรมิต, Rak Ninmit, The Miracle
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Status: Ongoing Network: Released: Apr 27, 2020 - ? Duration: 1 hr. 10 min. Country: Type: Drama Censor: Censored Casts: , ,
23 years ago           Egypt ..... Three girls, friends, love, eyes, eyes, net, Napa decide to spend their vacation after graduation in England, heading to Egypt, a dream land. Ancient legends of early civilization of mankind. During the same period that the handsome young ambassador, the charming Sultan, was living in Cairo. Travel in the Nile Every second is full of memorable memories ... but then The close friend-relationships fell apart. 3 girls fell in love with the young king. But his eyes were disappointed, sad as if mad, flees back to Thailand The King intends to marry a much-loved lover. But became a net worth suitable adults to marry The Shan relationship collapses with the two Horus eye necklaces that the ambassador received from a strange woman in the Egyptian market. Two Horus eyes are side by side with two of the three girls with a mysterious puzzle from ancient Egypt .. . The story in the past 3 thousand years present           Aswan, a talented young photographer, award-winning work Have to take a special photo shoot with the style that is Immediately, the young man burned into the photo studio, all the flickering lights going out. Aswan rescued Nile, who had died from an accident. Relations began when they first met. But they were shocked to find that Each had Horus's eyes on his side  , and Aswan's lover was not pleased with Nile's attitude towards Aswan. After that, Aswan had a strange dream. And when she lifted the camera to look through the camera lens, she saw the disaster of that person ... Lady Rose drives her daughter Penny to get closer to Nile. Hopes to raise as her own character on the Charity through the annual pampered by Ambassador King and Empress Netnapha "Aida," the opera tells the love story three pillars of the Egyptian princess. Srettha took over the art department. Surprisingly, he remembered the scene and his belongings Various symbols Of Egypt as though it had been seen with the eyes Nate Napha, Nile's mother, suspends her son's relationship with Aswan. As well as revealing the secrets that everyone must be shocked, including Aswan, Sreta and Nile, who are brothers and sisters with the same father, the King All 3 people are in confusion. Cannot continue to love Are separated The strange thing is that all 3 dreams about the same story. Same event The presence of Isis and Osiris, god of the Basilica of handing over the keys of the secret of life "Ankh" to Aswan. Nile asked her brothers and sisters to come together. And intended to give the enormous beautiful treasures that the King had left to the 3 children, but when Lady Netnapa returned to Thailand, met with the eyes of Srettha Another truth was revealed. Nile, in fact, was an orphan who was adopted as an heir to the ambassador. Not her offspring No inheritance rights ... Aswan asked to end the charity drama "Ida", but the publicity and invitation for the premiere has been completed. She said that a disaster would occur that day. Later, the murder scene in the middle of the stage. Everyone stamped out of the theater. After a disaster in the theater Pence survives with help. Settha helps them and they start loving each other ... just as Aswan gives Nile to love. And when the ambassador's will was opened, all 3 children received equal rights in that inheritance. The band Horus eye, the two sides reflected briefly before being shut down. And kept away from people's eyes ..... Curse of the ancient mysterious legend ... ended.

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