Nisaiy Sneh Cheat Krouy EP 21 End

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Nisaiy Sneh Cheat Krouy

Rating 7.5
Status: Completed Network: Released: Aug 5, 2002 - Sep 14, 2002 Duration: 60 min. Country: Type: Drama Episodes: 20 Censor: Censored Casts: , , , , ,
Mang Lai Kwan's father Mang Si Yuen was a royal doctor for the previous dynasty and a learned man, but he is set in his ways and believes that women should not be educated. Kwan wants to seek knowledge and often dresses as a man to go to school. On her ventures, she meets the royal grandson Tit Muk Yi who is travelling in disguise and also a straight-up young hero Wong Po Siu Wah and the three become adopted brothers. Yi sees through Kwan's disguise and knows she is a girl, but he does not reveal this; Kwan also has feelings for Yi. Yuen decides to marry Kwan to Wong Po Siu Wah, but at the same time, rich bully Lau Fui Bik asks for Kwan's hand in marriage. As the day of the marriage draws near, Kwan decides to tell Yi about her feelings towards him, but Yi is summoned back to the courts and asks Wah to take his place to meet Kwan. When Kwan is stood up, she is very disappointed and sends Wah away. Kwan runs away and on her travels, dressed as a man, causes many laughs and much trouble, getting involved in many different situations. Kwan's feelings develop for both Yi and Wah and are forever changing between the two, especially when she finds out that Wah is her fiance and Yi has become the emperor.

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